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Who we are

LAYGO gaskets is a company specialised in the manufacture of gaskets for Plate Heat Exchangers, compatible heat exchanger plates and new Plate Heat Exchangers.

LAYGO gaskets

Founded in 1982 and with a constant investment in R&D and a unique technical capacity in the market reflected in our own laboratories, we have developed our formulations allowing us to manufacture gaskets adapted to our customers’ requirements and technical specifications.

We have a team of experts in the manufacture and processing of elastomers, as well as a laboratory equipped with the latest measurement tools to carry out the necessary tests in response to the permanent quality that we develop for our customers.

Over these 40 years, Laygo gaskets has experienced a constant and evenly proportioned growth reflected in sound distribution agreements and allowing us to export to more than 50 countries, underlining the quality and reliability of our products every day.

With a manufacturing capacity of more than 2,500,000 units per year, our gaskets are used by more than 15,000 customers, including major international regasketing centres.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact us, it will be our pleasure to assist you.


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Heat exchangers

The laboratory

As a manufacturer of plate heat exchanger gaskets, Laygo gaskets© has a fully equipped laboratory to provide safety and quality in the processes.

Vulcanisation of rubber in Laygo gaskets

Vulcanising rubber is the treatment by which it is combined with peroxides and other compounds.

Due to the action of the appropriate heat together with the peroxide, the rubber undergoes deep modifications, which are the cause of scientific and industrial speculation.

The appearance and properties of the rubber are modified by raising the temperature and maintaining the treatment for the required time.

This phenomenon, known as vulcanisation, can occur at various temperatures (120ºC to 190ºC).

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The degree of vulcanisation of the rubber depends on several factors, such as the time the treatment lasts, temperature, pressure and the amount of added components.

The phenomenon of vulcanisation is the result of a true chemical combination in which the rubber accepts several degrees of combination with the peroxides until reaching over-saturation.

After vulcanisation, the rubber is completely modified, being insoluble in common solvents and withstanding high temperatures (up to 250ºC in some cases) without losing its mechanical properties such as elasticity.


Design, manufacture and development of our own Laygo® moulds.

LAYGO gaskets

Our R+D+I technical department has a group of qualified and accredited professionals for design and manufacture, through reverse engineering, of injection and compression moulds for plate heat exchanger gaskets. We have a suitably equipped technical office for their design and a machining workshop for their manufacture, with start of the art equipment for both departments where we should highlight:



– 4 CNC machining centres with a capacity of up to 3000 x 1600.

– 1 milling machine with capacity of up to 3500 x 1600

– 1 milling machine with a capacity of up to 2000 x 800.

– CNC lathe for diameters of up to 450 mm.

– Rectifier of 1000 x 500.

Also, repair and modification-adaptation of moulds. And for this we have tools such as MIG/MAG, TIG and ELECTRODE welding equipment.

Vertical drills and conventional lathe, etc.

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Delivery times and means for production

We especially value the delivery times of your gaskets. We have production systems based on customer service, and not on imaginary cost savings.

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Plazos de Entrega y Medios Productivos

For this we have:

– a wide range of machinery (36 compression presses and 3 injection presses, with capacities of up to 1500 Ton and 3500 mm table).

– an efficient human team.

– stocks of all types of our raw materials (NBR, EPDM, Butyl, FPM/A, FPM/G, HNBR, Hypalon, etc).

– stocks of the most common gaskets ready to be shipped within 24 hours.

This way we are able to offer an optimum level of service, speeding up delivery times both for urgent orders in the event of breakdowns, and for your annual supply schedules, minimising both corrective and preventive maintenance costs.


Laygo® gaskets have a 1 YEAR GUARANTEE against any manufacturing defect.

The quality of Laygo® heat exchanger gaskets is also a consequence of the manufacture of the mould with our state-of-the-art means.

Manufacturers of plate heat exchangers do not normally provide any guarantee, as they consider plate heat exchanger gaskets as a consumable.

Remember that you can ask for certificate of compliance with FDA standards for all our supplies.

All our products meet this standard.

Please see our general conditions of sale and guarantee


General sales conditions

Quality policies

The basis of all Laygo Gaskets© activities.

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LAYGO Calidad

Laygo Quality Policy
Quality is the basis of all Laygo activities; each employee contributes to quality.
The quality policy is the basis of every Laygo employee’s work.

Zero defect quality
This is the prerequisite for securing the future in all products, processes and services.

Our maxim is to achieve fully satisfied customers
Through defect-free products and services, meeting deadlines 100%, competent and cordial cooperation with our customers.

Continuous quality improvement
Laygo expects each and every one of its employees to make an unrestricted commitment to quality in their individual work, as well as to actively contribute to a permanent improvement in the quality of Laygo products, processes and services.

Quality of thinking and work
In order to achieve the objectives for quality, the capacities of thinking and work oriented to the customer and to the expectations of the interested parties must be improved and permanently formed…. suppliers, market/competition, employees, legislative and government bodies.

Quality through leadership
The Management is the example to its employees. The Management must formulate achievable objectives and must support employees in achieving these objectives.

Quality in international competition
In order to demonstrate Laygo’s global competitiveness, the company’s declared objective is to recognise quality at a global level.


We are not only concerned about the quality of our products and services.

Respect and looking after the environment are also a goal for all of us.
This determines whether our future and that of future generations will be better and cleaner.
We have the necessary facilities to prevent spills that damage our environment. For our sake and yours.

Our manufacturing system prevents the reuse of rubber that has already been vulcanised. This requires a recycling process to which we contribute more than 200,000 Kg per year. This contribution is not without cost as, apart from the dues which we pay, we achieve:
A reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
A contribution of raw materials for other products such as tyres, asphalt compounds and even children’s playgrounds.
Proactive collaboration in environmental care.