Heat-exchange units

Laygo Gaskets can supply removable plate heat exchangers with gaskets, as well as stainless steel tubular heat exchangers or from higher grades. Our technicians, with more than 30 years’ experience in the design of exchangers, can advise you to obtain the best alternative for the process you need.

We can offer you everything related to heat exchangers:

– Design and supply of new equipment.

– Modification of existing exchangers.

– Optimization of processes or heat exchangers in operation.

– Problem solving: performance, fouling, cleaning, etc.

Plate heat exchangers

In plate heat exchangers of the industrial sector, we design and distribute a brand of recognised prestige, TRANTER, which has been on the market for over 85 years and has a large machinery park installed in Spain. The quality/price ratio of TRANTER heat exchangers is unbeatable. TRANTER’s main manufacturing centre in Europe is located in Sweden.

For plate heat exchangers in the food industry, we design and distribute FISCHER heat exchangers, specialised in heat exchangers with high quality stainless steel frames. FISCHER is a brand that is widely implemented in the food industry sector, with more than 86 years’ experience. The FISCHER factory is located in Austria.

tranter iberica

Tubular heat exchangers

Laygo Gaskets has a collaboration agreement with a leading corrugated tube heat exchanger manufacturer. Our technicians carry out the calculation of the exchanger and in the factory they carry out the final mechanical and constructive design.

We only manufacture them in stainless steel or superior qualities (Duplex, C-276, etc).

We design different types of heat exchangers according to the products to be processed, the presence or absence of solids, design pressures, etc.

The tubular models that we design and commercialise are double tube, triple tube, quadruple tube and multitubular type.

If you have any need related to heat exchangers, please contact us. We will be happy to advise you.

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