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Latest generation moulds

As a guarantee of the quality of Laygo®Gaskets heat exchanger gaskets, we develop our own moulds on our state-of-the-art machining centres.

Delivery times

We especially value the delivery times of your gaskets. We have production systems based on customer service and thanks to the availability of raw materials as well as finished products we can adapt to your needs.

We look after the environment

Respect and care for the environment are priorities for all of us and therefore we have the necessary facilities to prevent spills that damage our environment.

Comprehensive Heat Exchanger Service

We are specialised in the integral service of your heat exchangers. This service is based on the manufacture of gaskets for plate heat exchangers (PHE), the supply of compatible plates or original plates and specialisation in the design of new equipment as well as a PHE maintenance service.


We are present in all sectors with applications of heat exchange by plates or tubular corrugated pipe in stainless steel with highest quality.

Quality of the gaskets

Our wide range of materials makes up Laygo® Gaskets, responding to all the qualities of the market. As recognised elastomer specialists we can also develop new compounds for specific applications.

Satisfied customers

Our satisfaction, your trust
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At Laygo®Gaskets we are dedicated to manufacturing the best rubber gaskets for Plate Heat Exchangers on the market.

We are proud to be the high quality alternative to original gaskets and, since 1982, we know what really matters in everything related to PHE gaskets.

This is why the leading companies in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and energy industries use our gaskets for their exchangers to their complete satisfaction.

The manufacturing processes of our gaskets are significantly different from those of other manufacturers.

Hence the secret of our success: we never compromise on quality.

All our gaskets are 100% manufactured in our facilities in Cornellà de Llobregat, Barcelona using the best raw materials.

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