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Laygo Gaskets updates its list of gasket models for plate heat exchangers

Laygo Gaskets updates its list of gasket models for plate heat exchangers

As a company specializing in the manufacture of plate heat exchanger gaskets, Laygo Gaskets updates the list of gasket models that it currently manufactures with its own moulds and that are compatible with the best brands on the market.

In addition to the brands already listed on its website, it adds new models to each one of them and adds new compatible brands such as:


More than 35 years’ experience in this field, which guarantees it

Thanks to its 35 years’ business experience and the work of its R&D laboratory, Laygo Gaskets is able to develop its own formulas that allow it to manufacture gaskets that meet all the most demanding requirements and technical specifications of its customers (more than 15,000 worldwide).

This allows a high annual manufacturing capacity of more than 1,000,000 units, which not only serve to supply the domestic market but also the international market, with distribution agreements that allow exports to more than 50 countries and give added value to the quality of the products manufactured by Laygo.

If you want to check out all the gasket models for Laygo Gaskets plate heat exchangers, you only need to click on one of the brands that appear on the home page of its website in order to visualise them all in one go and also individually for each one of them.

If you need more information about a particular model, please do not hesitate to contact Laygo Gaskets’ sales department.

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